Original Illustration & Animation created by Mark Farrell

Copyright © 2007 - 2015 Mark Farrell

Happy Halloween

Hi currently getting a witch character design put together for a short animation hopefully in time for Halloween
Trying to keep the design as simple as possible

Abraham Lincoln as a Superhero

Abraham Lincoln is Mr Elastic saving the world from bad guys, and kicking ass

An evil Monster

I think maybe somehow that 80´s movie Critters has somehow seeped its way into my subconcious doing this

using acrylic gouache and ink

Something I wanted to post in the last quarter last year was some life drawing I did back home in Newcastle the man was quite thin, I think I drew his body a bit too long though. I wish I could do more life drawing there is no classes here where I am as crazy as it sounds in this little village way up in the arctic.
Heres another

It's Tony the Tiger copyright Kellogs.
I just loved the classic vintage design I drew this in illustrator. I copied ther design from a picture on the recent a box of Kellogs Frosties.  The designs are dating back to the 50's to celebrate the Queeen's Diamond Jubilee.

cereal graphics

1950s cereal packet graphics

I wanted to draw this for the fun of it is a t-shirt I have I traced this from a smallish png file I found on google images though because I couldnt find my tee at the time.

I just really like some vintage graphic design especially from things like kids cereal boxes

The toucan and the label froot loops are copyright to kellogs.

Rman_Jump IF

Rman Jump in tough times we all  just wanna just fly away like the song says ;)
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